type type type enter

backspace backspace backspace

letting my fingers form the words

that my brain cannot construct

but still nothing came out

backspace backspace backspace

and i start again;

start and i think of the right words to use,

to write—this unfathomable feelings

i am trying to suppress but still

backspace backspace backspace

until i no longer able to write

type type type

i don’t know what nonsense words i typed

but still i type; typing all these words

thinking if i let my fingers type,

it will create something—

something that can define

what i really really feel right now

backspace backspace backspace

until all the word that i typed was gone

backspace backspace backspace

and i am done.



unnamed (1)

I see stars in your eyes

whenever it meets mine;

those twinkling and sparkling little dusk

we used to stare at night.

but now I stare at the night sky,

all I remember were your eyes;

a constant reminder of that night

when we’re still happy on each other’s arms.

First song



I hate you.

I hate you for having such beautiful eyes.

Each time when your eyes met mine

like you are seeing through me and

makes me wonder if you like what you’re seeing.


I hate you for your sweet mouth.

From all the kisses we’ve shared –

the taste of it and how my name rolls on your tongue;

creating this kind of sensation only you can make.


I hate you for all the sweetened words you latched on me –

on nights that we used to talk over the phone,

blanket over my head, ’til the dawn breaks.

Sugar-coated, as you knew that chocolates were my favorites.


I hate you for your smile.

That kind of smile you can see on tv commercials.

That simple smile that can make any day brighter,

and the smile that I fell for.


I hate how you cared for me.

For those nights when we’re on the couch,

watching a favorite chick-flick of mine that you never liked,

you enveloped me with your arms and

felt like you never want to let go. Since then, I craved for your hugs.


I hate it.

I hate it I am saying this to you

when in fact I don’t mean it;

for that I have to keep it all to myself.

All I know is,

this is the only way to let you go;

without me shattering into pieces and

a constant reminder of how I loved you.


This song is from the korean drama series W – two worlds, of course Lee Jong Suk (my bb <3) and Han Hyo Joo as the lead cast. Definitely one of my favorites!!!! I hope Lee Jong Suk will never have a girlfriend. Hahahaha! XD

PS: I ALSO WANT NUMBER 4! (if you already watched W, you know what I mean. ❤ LOL.)