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GUYYYYYYYYS!!!!!!!!! I am so ecstatic when I opened my notification in my wordpress app!! Guess what? Guess what??

To my 102 followers, I am sending y’all a virtual hugs & kisses! >>>> >:D< 😘 Thank you so much for reading all my non-sense hanash about my life and everything in between. I know this blog is not that awesome in a way that it can inspire a lot of people but I do hope that my followers somehow enjoyed reading what I have written here so far. Also, I never never thought that I will get to know awesoooome people here. I LOVE Y’ALL!!! 💖

It’s Sunday today and to sum up my week: I don’t know why but I felt my mind went blank last week. I have so much things to share: one is about my trip to Bulacan with my boyfie’s side. But when I was in front of my laptop, I just don’t find the right words to start my entry. Like I have all the stories in mind, but when I am about to type it, my mind suddenly shut off. *sigh*

For now, I just get into this Sunday currently entry. Here you go!


Reading Coelho’s Eleven Minutes. I am already done reading half of the book. I must say that the story is interesting.

Here’s some of my favorite lines:


Writing this entry. And I’ll try to write some entries to be scheduled.

Listening to Lana Del Rey’s Love 🎶

Thinking of nothing. And it is so irritating and frustrating. You know? You want to think of something but your mind’s not cooperating. I feel so unproductive. 😩

Hoping for something good to happen.

Wearing maong shorts & sleeveless top

Loving the fact that I had a good night sleep these past few days. Though some nights I felt so empty and oddly sad, but still I am feeling better each day. 🙂

Wanting A NEW NOTEBOOK & PENS!!!!!!!!

Needing some $$$ (so that I can buy some new clothes huhu I don’t even know when was the last time I bought a nice shirt)

Feeling sunny. :—–)

Clicking nothing.

Hope you are feeling happy, too. 😁💖 And have a great Sunday!

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an anecdote of a girl who never played her dolls

Though I have no vivid images of how my childhood was, I somehow remember some experiences that I had. And like any other kids, I remember having toys and dolls but the difference is, I wasn’t able to play my dolls.

I remember having so many dolls: Barbie? You name it. I have a complete set with houses, wardrobes, and pets. Not just barbies, I also have a life-size kitchen set for kids. Most of it was given to me as a gift on my birthdays & Christmas and the rest was bought by my grandmother. But, I never played them.

I don’t remember who put it in a nice clear plastic and displayed it. The boxes were never opened. But I remember what my grandmother said when I asked if I can play with my dolls: baka masira lang, pag laki mo na. (it might just break, you can play it when you grow up) and since I was just a kid that time, I agreed. Years passed, I never able to play with it until I get in high school. I don’t remember what happened to my dolls, maybe my mother gave it to my cousins I don’t know, and just like that, it disappeared before my eyes.

I said to myself that if ever I will have a daughter, I will buy her dolls and let her play with it whenever she wants. I always wanted to play dolls — like braiding the hair, change her from gowns to dresses, and ofc play my dolls with a friend. I want my daughter to experience what I haven’t. I don’t want her to live like me; no clear images of how my childhood was. I want her to remember every single day of her childhood. I want her to make good memories even if she’s still a kid.

If ever there’s a room with a time machine, I will go back to when I asked my grandmother if I can play with my dolls, and even if she didn’t allow me to play with it, I will sneak out of my room and get my doll from the display and play with it. 😀

PS: I remember playing paper dolls but a real barbie doll was better, right? Hahahaha.

when we’re talking about MY books

I consider my books as my little treasures. That’s why I am so keen when somebody wants to borrow it or even just look at it. And after an incident when a friend borrowed one of my (favorite) books and never returned it, I made this set of rules when somebody wants to borrow my book.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, YOU SHOULD AVAIL MY LIBRARY CARD. LOLjk. If I just can make one, I will. Seriously. Hahaha. Here’s my rules:

  1. You have a maximum of (2) weeks when you want to borrow a book of mine. If you exceeds in my given time, FRIENDSHIP OVER (lol) no, I will make your phone burst with texts and calls until you return my book.
  2. I don’t want any folds and scratch in my book. If I see any scratch or fold, YOU WILL PAY A FINE OF 100 PESOS PER SCRATCH/FOLD (lol) no, but please, I beg of you, I don’t want any folds or any kind of scratch in my book. Use a cute bookmark, then donate it to me when you return my book.
  3. NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER in your whole existence to let others borrow my book without letting me know first, I’LL DEFINITELY CURSE YOUR FATHER IF YOU DO THAT. >:D

I can lend you a book but make sure to abide with my rules. 😀


the a w e s o m e blogger award (X2)


◊ Thank the person who nominated you.
◊ Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the Reader
◊ Answer the questions your nominator gave you.
◊ Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers.
◊ Give your nominees 10 new questions to answer.
◊ Let your nominees know that they’ve been nominated.

Two in a row!!!!! Here’s another award. I didn’t expect all this award thing but I am not gonna deny it — I LOVE ANSWERING ALL THE QUESTIONS. HAHAHA!! I love how I discover new blogs through this and I think I am low-key giving some snippets of who really I am at the same time.

I would like to thank Amielle & Justine for nominating me for this Awesome Blogger Award! You can click their names to check their blogs! ❤

Amielle’s Questions:

  1.  What is your childhood dream that you never get to push/achieve? If you have read my past entries, I already shared my dead dream of being a flight attendant, which still has a place in my heart until now. I wished to travel to places I’ve never been to, that’s why since I was a kid, I dreamed to be one. Another reason is, I love how sophisticated and classy and beautiful they are. I always imagine myself wearing their uniforms and walk with a luggage and buy and collect souvenirs from different places that I will go. Ughhhhhh
  2. If you could wake up and be anywhere in the world, where would it be? The first place that came to mind is South America or the UK. 😀
  3. Books or movies? BOOKS!!!
  4. Would it be fine if your future child reads your blog? Maybe yes, maybe no. But I want my child to know how I lived my life and learn from it. 
  5. If you could give an advice about the future to the 7-year-old you, what would it be? Y O L O. Live your life to the fullest because life is short.
  6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (Not a job interview question; I just really want to know.) I seriously don’t know how/what to answer this one. I am still having an existential crisis at the moment (lol) and I’m still searching for my calling. Lol. I get back to this when I know the answer. 😀
  7. Do you think you’re still writing when you’re 40? Definitely yes.
  8. If writing isn’t your hobby at the moment, what do you think are you doing? DANCING. 😀 
  9. If you could have the writing skills of a specific blogger, who would it be? It would be Joyce Pring, I love how she’s spontaneous, witty and knowledgeable in writing her thoughts, and also her TRAVEL BLOG!!!!!! ❤
  10. What is your life’s greatest accomplishment so far? getting out of my comfort zone, I joined a beauty pageant (which is not my thing) but I got an award and got to top 10. Not bad for a first timer, I guess. :–)

Justine’s Questions:

  1. What is that one advice you can give to the new bloggers about blogging? Just write for yourself and never feel pressured. As for me, I always write whatever comes to mind thinking that no one’s reading it. I think that’s what’s important, having an outlet to write what you feel or write the things you are passionate about. 🙂
  2. What is  your biggest fear? Aside from flying cockroach, I am afraid of heights and total darkness.
  3. Best compliment you have received? hm, there’s nothing that I can think of right now.
  4. What cheers you up? Sweets. Listening to music. Being alone.
  5. What do you constantly think about that, either makes you sad or just anything? Ohhhhhh. I have a lot of these lately. I think about people who judge me and misunderstand me. All the people who made rumors about me. About my life — what will happen to my life. (Can I make another blog post about this?)
  6. What was the experience that impacted you the most in your life? The day my grandmother died. My life has changed since then.
  7. Do you usually follow your heart or your head? My heart. But now, I realised that it is important to use our brain too when making a decision. 
  8. What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself today and why? Me being tongue-tied. I should, at least once, tell what I really felt despite of what others will say to me. I regretted being the quiet one but right now, I know the consequences.
  9. Do you hold grudges or do you forgive easily? I forgive easily and I think that’s my weakness. 🙂
  10. What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? That everything will be okay, when all things fall into its right place and at the right time.

Whooo! All these questions made me think too hard but I really enjoyed it! Thank you Amielle and Justine for these questions (that I don’t usually ask for myself)

I NOMINATE ALL MY FOLLOWERS TO DO THIS. (I still have a short list, that’s why)


  1. If you are given a chance to change your name, what would it be?
  2. If you will have a power to teleport right now, where will it be and why?
  3. One song that describes your life right now.
  4. To love or To be loved?
  5. Quote a favorite line in your favorite book.
  6. That one word you find to be the worst word you ever know.
  7. Your favorite word. 🙂
  8. If you can switch life with another person, who would it be and why?
  9. Say something about me. 😀
  10. Share your daily mantra 🙂

Tag me if you do this, I would love to read your answers! ❤

about yesterday

I felt my Sunday was incomplete because I was not able to write my Sunday Currently entry and that’s because I was out ’til late with the boyfriend. I was thinking to write my entry even if it’s the witching hour but I failed, I was too tired and sleepy. Ergo, this entry is about what happened the whole day yesterday. Sounds good? [yeah, I am trying to, at least, make my Sunday currently in low-key. Lol]

So her mother asked me to go to their house in the morning because she told me that they will go to the mall and was inviting me to join for lunch. Fortunately, the boyfriend got lazy to go to work, so we went together.

Before lunch, we went to the mall. We walked around and let the kids play for an hour. My boyfriend went to buy for new shorts and tshirts. And this is the frustrating part: So he said that he will buy me a notebook & pen or a book, whatever I wanted. BUT!!!!! When I was about to look for the book that I was looking for, the bookstore was cleaning the shelves, and most of the books were gone and the shelves were not properly arranged. So I decided to just look for a cute notebook for my attempt to bullet journalling. BUT AGAIN!!!!!! The notebooks were all cream ruled paper, I was about to get one with dotted paper but it happened they have nothing with that kind. So we end up walking to the department store, hoping they have the notebook that I was looking for. But yesterday was not for me. I end up buying nothing!!!!! :——-[

Okay, let me tell you something about my boyfriend.

He doesn’t like loooong walks. So when we are in the mall, and I am in the middle of checking out the stores that I want or even browsing books in the bookstore, he always wants to go home early or make this silly excuse of having a bad stomachache etc etc. He pisses me off BIG time whenever he reasons that out!!! I’ll know if he doesn’t want to walk anymore when I hear him tsk tsk tsk ang his face becomes looooong while we are walking and that irritates me more.

We are totally opposite, but they say opposites attract. Well, I won’t say something about that. Hahahaha!

We had our dinner at their house, and went home past 8 o’clock. I know I still had time to write my Sunday Currently but I was so dead-tired from the walking anf feeling irritated that I just want to tuck myself to bed and just sleep.

That’s it. That’s how my Sunday went. I am still sad about not getting a good notebook & pen. But that’s okay, he told me that we can look for it this week. ❤ ❤

my love for notebooks and (cute)pens

Whenever I go to bookstores, even if I just go there to look for a good book and not planning to buy anything at all or even if I just saw a bookstore or any stationery stores, my feet will automatically walk towards the entrance and end up buying a notebook or a pen. It is kind of habit, I guess.

I have many notebooks that are kept to collect dust in my bookshelf. Some of it have writings, and some are not used. I just love to collect notebooks and pens. I always have this battle in my head where I buy this cute little notebook and when I was about to write something on it, my hands stiffened like it doesn’t want to wreck that cute little notebook and just display it on my shelf. Weird, right?

And so for my pens, I have this little pouch (not pencil-case, it is too small for my collection) where I hide all my pens — I have ball points, g-techs, markers, pens with different colors of ink, and many more. And I always have pens in my bags. I don’t want anyone to use my pens. I am selfish when it comes to my things. Another thing is, when I am at the bookstore, I always go where the pens are displayed and me being overly obsessed with pens, I always try and test all different kinds of pens just to satisfy my obsessions. =)) and I think that’s beautiful. (LOL)

I am thinking to continue writing on my journal. I stopped for a while and I don’t know why but right now, I am inspired to do the bullet journal thing. I am not that organised with things but we’ll see.

Do you have any weird obsession/s or weird fetishes (lol)? 😀

this blog doesn’t exist outside the blogosphere and here’s why:

As much as possible I keep this blog’s existence unknown to the people I know which includes (1) my family and (2) some of the closest friends because the very reason why I made this little space in the internet is to get away from their eyes.

I re-activated my Facebook just for them so that they know that I am still alive and breathing but I am not much active there (because my feed is full of sh*ts and toxic people & the negativity is sort of contagious, and I am keeping myself away from that bacause I have enough of those) and so in Instagram. I rarely post any photos of mine because (1) my iPhone’s broken, not that I can’t use the camera of it but (2) I lost interest on posting any photos of mine. I felt like I am telling the whole world that I am happy and smiling on the outside and have no problem at all but in reality it is the opposite.

I just wanted a space for me to write all my thoughts without being judge by those eyes. You know that feeling right? I am not hiding nor being safe here. I am the kind of person who’s not comfortable talking to a relative or even if you are my best friend. Coming from an experience where I am trying to be open to them and instead of expecting them to console me or understand me, they put me to blame and from then, I started keeping it to myself.

And luckily found this little space. Here I don’t feel alone, no one’s judging me and my words and most of all, I am learning from other’s experiences. I crave for those consolations and understandings before but thanks to this, I dont need it anymore.