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I am thinking and searching ideas on what to blog lately because I wanted to update my blog as often as possible (’cause I have all the time in my hands now) because I still have no work – not because I am lazy but because of my health.Β yeah, it sucks. And as I scroll through my feed, I saw this thread of posts entitled: The Sunday Currently. I read some of the posts and I somehow got interested because the posts are being published every Sunday ONLY. I wanted to try it, too and I think it is nice to write a Sunday Currently post in a sunday afternoon (eventhough it’s 9:30 in the morning hahaha) and not having to think of a lot of things but just only about what I’m currently doing now – on my Sunday. So, here’s my first Sunday Currently entry:



Writing my firstΒ Sunday Currently entry.

Listening to the cutesy sound of Carrot Defense (played by the good boyfriend) and at the same time, the tv commercials.

Thinking what to eat for breakfast?

Smelling the hot pandesal and nutella. Yum yum yum.

WishingΒ that everything will fall into place and

HopingΒ that all will be well.

Wearing a gray reebok tshirt and pink shorts.

Loving the christmas-y vibe & the cold mornings.

Wanting to buy new stuff for myself.

Needing someone to talk to.

Feeling not hungry but at the same time, I want to eat something.

Clicking nothing

Have a great sunday! :–)

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