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the sunday currently | 10

halu halu! :–) it’s sunday again, and as much as i want to share how was my week, there’s nothing really interesting happened to me aside from locking myself in my room and binge-watched some korean tv series. i really really really love my baby wookie. 

i am still here at the boyf’s. the plan is for me to download some k-series, and when i was about to look for it in, the website has been shut down by abscbn. and i was like, WHHHHHAAAT? so i am lost right now because i don’t know any sites aside from kissasian where i can download k-drama. so if you know some websites where i can download korean series, feel free to comment below. you’ll be my angel.

i still have suspicious partner to finish though i already watched it twice and i still can’t get enough of JCW. i really really really love how charming and cute my wookie baby acts on this series. it wasn’t full-packed with action unlike his other series. it was so refreshing. but what i don’t like how the story went–it was pretty predictable.

moving on…


Reading paulo coelho’s eleven minutes. i am on the last 100+ pages, and it is very enlightening, coming from the view of a prostitute finding her “light” and true love. i’ll be writing another entry about this book. not really a book review but i’ll be sharing my favorite quotes from the book.

i am planning to read the alchemist next.

Writing this sunday currently entry. 🙂

Listening to meiko’s under my bed.

Thinking (1) if i should write something about the rumors about me (which made me so stressed and sad and frustrated) though i am not quite sure if somebody i know personally reads my blog, that will cause another rumor. lol (2) how to make my life happier? (3) it is already BER months and i still have no work. though a resort already called me and told me that they will call me again after two weeks for my interview so i am still waiting for it. *fingers crossed*


Wearing my pjs from last night. i still haven’t take a bath. lol

Loving how my boyfriend’s being considerate and patient when i am having my tantrums. i think he’s getting used to it. :”)

Wanting (still) a new notebook. meh

Needing someone to talk to. maybe you can tweet me or send me a dm over twitter. pls, make me happy.

Feeling okay(?) hahahahahaha!!!!

Clicking nothing. 😀

please suggest a good book to read, a feel-good or rom-com or maybe, another K-drama series? 😀 have a great sunday!!!

♡ A
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the sunday currently | 09

let’s go straight to this entry.


reading some blogs, more of back-reading. i haven’t been myself this whole week; i felt like doing nothing, sort of not in the mood for everything, all i did was sleep and hold my phone, scroll scroll scroll then log off.

that’s when i thought that i should have a social media detox, Facebook to be specific. there’s so much things going on in my news feed about all the current issues here in the Philippines. it makes me so sad to read, hear, and see all these news about killings and drugs and the government.

writing this sunday currently entry.

listening to the tv show that my sister is watching right now.

thinking of all the things happening in my country and i just couldn’t imagine my country being like this after hoping for change to happen. i know, i am one of those who voted for change, but this isn’t the change that i wanted. all these killings and raids against drugs that lead to several innocent deaths. i am not against with the idea of fighting drugs but i am against on how they don’t have a due-process, especially with the poor people. let’s not wait for the worst to happen (i think it is happening now) before we come to our senses.

hoping that my country will soon wake up from this nightmare.

wearing my super comfy PJs.

loving (?)(?)(?)

wanting to buy my notebook. and UNTIL NOW, i haven’t got one because the available notebooks are cream ruled papers and not the dotted one. ugh!!! i am trying to find one online but still the idea of online shopping scares me. lol

& i really want to rain right now.

needing to squeeze out some creative juices (and some inspiration) hohohoho.

feeling unproductive and sad and sorry and wanna puke out all my frustrations and shame to the Philippine government because they really suck this time. no offense to my fellow Filipinos who are reading this but let’s face it: EJK, PNP, MOCHA USON, AND LTFRB — the Philippines really needs to wake up!

clicking nothing.

i am trying to write but still nothing comes out. sorry for not posting anything recently. i don’t want to post half-baked entries and i am still not in the mood, to be honest. but thanks for this sunday currently series, i am able to write something and feels some sort of relief, but i promise to still scroll and read and comment on your blogs. 😊

hope you enjoyed your weekend! 💕✨

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