the sunday currently | 08

GUYYYYYYYYS!!!!!!!!! I am so ecstatic when I opened my notification in my wordpress app!! Guess what? Guess what??

To my 102 followers, I am sending y’all a virtual hugs & kisses! >>>> >:D< 😘 Thank you so much for reading all my non-sense hanash about my life and everything in between. I know this blog is not that awesome in a way that it can inspire a lot of people but I do hope that my followers somehow enjoyed reading what I have written here so far. Also, I never never thought that I will get to know awesoooome people here. I LOVE Y’ALL!!! 💖

It’s Sunday today and to sum up my week: I don’t know why but I felt my mind went blank last week. I have so much things to share: one is about my trip to Bulacan with my boyfie’s side. But when I was in front of my laptop, I just don’t find the right words to start my entry. Like I have all the stories in mind, but when I am about to type it, my mind suddenly shut off. *sigh*

For now, I just get into this Sunday currently entry. Here you go!


Reading Coelho’s Eleven Minutes. I am already done reading half of the book. I must say that the story is interesting.

Here’s some of my favorite lines:


Writing this entry. And I’ll try to write some entries to be scheduled.

Listening to Lana Del Rey’s Love đŸŽ¶

Thinking of nothing. And it is so irritating and frustrating. You know? You want to think of something but your mind’s not cooperating. I feel so unproductive. đŸ˜©

Hoping for something good to happen.

Wearing maong shorts & sleeveless top

Loving the fact that I had a good night sleep these past few days. Though some nights I felt so empty and oddly sad, but still I am feeling better each day. 🙂

Wanting A NEW NOTEBOOK & PENS!!!!!!!!

Needing some $$$ (so that I can buy some new clothes huhu I don’t even know when was the last time I bought a nice shirt)

Feeling sunny. :—–)

Clicking nothing.

Hope you are feeling happy, too. 😁💖 And have a great Sunday!

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the sunday currently | 07

It’s Sunday again. Time flies so fast & I don’t quite remember what happened to me this whole week. So, I am not gonna sum it up here in this entry. Ergo, let me share with you guys this i-don’t-even-know-how-to-call-it situation. But one thing’s for sure, it happens to me all the time — EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I go to a kiddie party. 😂

So, I am here in Manila for Zion’s birthday party (my inaanak’s little brother). It was held at Jollibee in Macapagal, near the City of Dreams. So from Tondo, we travelled for 1 hour (just for a kid’s party) lol.

So moving on to the story;

I have this habit of asking for a picture with the mascots. Luckily, there are two: Jollibee & his friend, Hetty. So the kid inside me gleefully walked in front to have a picture with them. And there, it happened again. The mascot tried to block my way like he wants to play something with me, so I just played along thinking it is still a kid’s party anyway. Hahaha! So after we had the picture, I went back to my seat. So the party continued and after we ate, the party’s over with a photo booth.

We decided to go to the photobooth before we go (and to have our souvenir but bad news, we haven’t got a photo ha. ha. ha). So while waiting for our turn, the mascot (Hetty) came to me. Jollibee went to the restricted area (room) where he changed to his comfortable clothes but Hetty went to the other room where the photobooth was happening. I was surprise when Hetty approached me and making fool of herself (she swayed like she was dancing and making sign language that I don’t even understand. She leaned closer to me as if she was observing my face. Yeah, silly Hetty they got there)

So, people started staring at us while Hetty continued to act like a moron silly mascot in front of me. Lol

I had a same experience when I attended my cousin’s kiddie party, same but that time, it was Jollibee. Hahahaha.

But i must say this: JOLLIBEE MADE MY NIGHT. IT WAS THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS THAT I LAUGHED SO HARD. Funny how I think of his smile as weird. I don’t know. Sometimes I find it creepy but awhile back, he looked like a joker. And I laughed so hard whenever I see his smile. HAHAHAHAHA. Maybe his smile will haunt me in my dream tonight. Lol.

I’m sorry for the looooooong post, this should be a sunday currently but sorry not sorry, I just need to write this entry. Promise I’ll make this short. 😝 here you go!


Reading nothing because I am busy…

Writing my cousin’s homework. And it is freaking loooong as in right now I can’t feel my hands anymore. I am re-writing a chapter of a book in a white cartolina!!! Who the hell gave this kind of assignment for a 5th grader? 😠

Listening to nothing. Maybe the tv show that they are watching right now.

Thinking how a person can manage to dance and to give fun to everyone while wearing a heavy costume? I am sure it is so suffocating and hot!!!!! And how they can breathe with that????

Hoping to have a goooood night sleep tonight.

Wearing a navy blue tshirt and polka dots shorts.

Loving my handwriting. (So proud of it) I have been always the one who writes on the board or makes the minutes of the minute. I just love how my handwriting looks good on a paper. 😆

Wanting a good night sleep (YES THAT’S WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW)

Needing some sleep (Ok, I know. For the third time)

Feeling okay. :—)

Clicking nothing.

I am so tired I just want to sleep. So yes, I am writing this entry before I hit the sack because I don’t know If I have an access to the internet tomorrow for another update. So yeah, I am off to dreamland. Zzzz~

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the sunday currently | 06

Yay for Sundays! :—)

The whole week, I must say, has been quite productive for me. Aside from some episodes of having this feeling of uneasiness before hitting the sack (maybe I am just too afraid to see things outside of my window again?). I slept alone last night because the boyfriend needed to go home because his nephews were all alone and needed company. So there I was, wide awake – light’s on, while I was busy staring at my glow-in-the-dark stars that I sticked up to my ceiling, letting my body sense some indescribable feeling of fear that my mind can’t let off; struggling to let my body and mind to drift off to dreamland.

I can say that I am okay. 😀

I have this habit of reading a book then stop at a middle of a chapter and read another book. Like there are times that my span of attention is easily caught off by another, that’s why. So as of now, aside from reading the Wuthering Heights, I’ve been eyeing two more books from my bookshelf – Ned Vizzini’s  It’s Kind Of Funny Story and Paul Murray’s Skippy Dies. I hope want to finish it by next month because I’ve been slacking off from reading and I want to give more of my time in reading.

Next week, we’ll be visiting Manila again for my inaanak’s birthday party and maybe have some catching up with my college friend. Hoping to see him again after so many years. We decided to have lunch instead of seeing each other in the afternoon because I haven’t much time because we’ll be just staying overnight of the 19th then 20th is the bday party. I just forced to jam some time for it. Though I want to have a loooooong catching up to do with him.

So, Sundays are for The Sunday currently entry, here you go!


Reading as mention above, I am currently (still) reading the Wuthering Heights, and also eyeing for two more books, Skippy Dies and It’s Kind Of Funny Story. :—)

Writing this entry!!!!

Listening to nothing aside from the tv commercials.

Thinking of dyeing my hair black. My hair’s growing too sloooooooow. I want my loooong hair back. (though I love my pixie hair)

Hoping that this week will be more productive than last week. Hehehehe. Kinda helps me not to worry about all the things that happening to me. 🙂

Wearing a gray shirt and pink shorts. 

Loving the fact that it rains almost every night which makes the night colder than before. This is my favorite time where I get to wear my cutesy pjs.

Wanting some caaash. 😀

Needing some caaaaaashh. 😀

Feeling blessed to be surrounded with positivity and awe-inspiring people.

Clicking nothing. 🙂

Hope y’all have a great Sunday!!!! x

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the sunday currently | 05

I woke up a little early today, had a good night sleep, but stayed a little longer in bed before I finally get up. Just across my bed is my window, and it’s quite a view seeing two birds playing along and the chirping sounds makes my Sunday morning more calm and relaxing.

It was raining cats and dogs last night, you won’t hear any noise aside from the heavy rain falls and thunders, that’s another reason why I slept well. I always like rainy days, especially when it rains at night, because it draws away all the unwelcome thoughts that boggling me. And with that, I already feel the rainy season here in the Philippines. ☔

So here’s another Sunday currently entry, and I won’t gab a lot anymore.


Reading Wuthering Heights. It has been ages since I bought the book. Now I am trying to get back with the classics. I find myself not in the mood in reading any YA novels. I want something that will make me ponder on things, about life or self-love, something like that. Any book suggestions?

Writing (again) this Sunday Currently entry. Or maybe later, I’ll try to write more posts to be scheduled.

Listening to the sound of the electric fan & the chirping of the birds.

Thinking of what to buy for my inaanak. I’ll be visiting Manila on the 20th for his birthday. I find it so hard to think of a good item for him since I don’t see him that often. Hahaha! (And I am not good at buying gifts, for me it’s the thought that counts! 😁)

Hoping today will be a good day. I don’t want any dramas anymore (aside from K-dramas 😂) and also, I hope that my turtle-net will get a little faster because it sucks, BIG time.

Wearing my ever comfortable pajama.

Loving how I am starting to interact with the wordpress community. So many good blogs to stalk. I must say that I am enjoying here than when I was in Blogger. 💓

Wanting to be more productive like the past weeks. When I get my hand busy, my mind is at ease and I don’t think too much, which is better for my whole being (I am talking about how down I was last month, and that time I was so pathetic that I don’t even want to look back anymore.)

Needing a new wardrobe (?) Lol. I think I lack of many attires that I will be needing in the future, like formal and some casual. I need to buy new clothes, and shoes. Oh, and lip tints too.

Feeling great than ever. 😊

Clicking some entries of Sunday Currently. I am really enjoying writing this series and reading other people’s entry.

Hope you have a great Sunday, too! đŸŒ»

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the sunday currently | 04

How I missed writing a Sunday currently entry. I’ve been too hard on myself this past month if you read my past entries but right now I think I am back on track.

These past few days, I felt nothing but extreme sadness but still I am trying to cope up with it, little by little. I must say that I am doing good so far, maybe? But that’s what matters, right? As long as I feel good and my thoughts are not bothering me, well that’s okay for me.

Also, I am already done with my meds, thank God. After having a lot of fluids, I am so done with UTI. Because of that, I am getting rid of anything salty now but chips and peanuts are my life. Huhuhu.


Reading some blogs. It was like invading their private space but I love how their thoughts affect me in so many ways. I hope I get a chance to meet them and tell them how they inspire me without them knowing it. And I am just thankful that their blogs exist. 

Writing this Sunday currently entry. I don’t get the idea of this part. It is just obvious that I am writing this entry this whole time. Hahaha.

Listening to the commentators of today’s Pacman’s fight. I am not really a fan of any kind of sports. I sucks at it, big time.

I remember when I was in high school. I had soft ball for my P.E. class and there was this game that I need to hit the ball and all I did was scream. Long story short, I got kicked from the game. 

Thinking not to dwell on things like me being useless and a pain in the ass, that I only make my life more miserable and they keep on pointing to my face that I should live my life like other young adults do and that makes me more depressed.

That feeling that I am doing my best to have the life that I always wanted but no one appreciates it. But rather, they are dragging me down up to the point that I can no longer stand up to my feet.

But really, I don’t want to think about those things. Hahaha.

Smelling the chicken hotdogs. It makes me more hungry. It’s 1:46 p.m. and I haven’t had my lunch.

Wishing that my old self will come back to life. 

Hoping that everything will be okay. That I will be okay. That everything will fall into its right place.

Wearing a white shirt and black shorts.

Loving how my dog, Bondat, is peacefully sleeping beside me like a baby. By the way, I think she is pregnant. I am so excited for the new puppies.

Wanting to eat something sweet like chocolates and oh, I want Mang Inasal’s halo-halo.

Needing someone to talk to.

Feeling okay, I think.

Clicking nothing.
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the sunday currently | 03

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone’s busy at their own shenanigans while me (hahaha) got some time to write up my 3rd Sunday currently volume. Yay! I am here at the boyfriend’s because they’re having their annual Christmas party. 

I have my 2 main reasons why I love the holidays: (1) people giving/receiving gifts. Christmas awakes the good in all hearts. How lovely to see all the smiles and kisses from the people you love. And (2) FOODS. Lots. Of. Foods. That doesn’t need more explanations, right? 


Reading nothing as of the moment. 

Writing this Sunday Currently volume.

Listening to my blog’s background music. (#fact: This is one of my favorite songs: First love by Utada Hikaru. I even memorized both Japanese and English versions. I suuuuper love the song!)

Thinking of nothing. Seriously. My heart and mind is in its happy state right now that being simply happy doesn’t need more of thinking. I know that it has been a tough week for me last week but everything that seems stressing me burst like a bubble. Hehehe it is Christmas anyway.

Smelling nothing because of my nose. I’m like Rudolf the red nose reindeer. Huhuhu! 

Wishing y’all a Merry Christmas!!! May God bless you and your family another fruitful year! 2016 has been a roller coaster ride for me and I know that the best is yet to come. And let us not forget the main reason why we are celebrating today; to honor the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Hoping that everyone will be blessed more of what they deserve and hoping that 2017 will be my lucky year. *finger crossed*

Wearing a red off-shoulder blouse and denim short. My mother asked me to change my “Maria Clara” image. But, I am not really a Maria Clara type. She wanted to change how I dress. So I agreed, for now, because it’s Christmas! Hahahaha!

Loving my new haircut. I got my pixie look again!!

Wanting to eat more!!!!!!

Needing more of girly stuff I think? Hahahaha. 2017 is fast approaching! I need new things for myself.

Feeling ecstatic! 😀

Clicking Christmas messages and tweets from my dear, dear friends. ❀

So happy I got to write my Sunday Currently entry on Christmas day! I am enjoying myself right now (with FOODS) and hoping you are, too. ❀

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the sunday currently | 02

So after a week of having no internet, I’m here at the boyfriend’s and taking all the chance to update the blog (and download all of my current K-drama line-ups. Hehe) It has been a tough week for me and to my family because my father was admitted to a medical ward for a blood transfusion. Thank God my father is getting better now.

OMG! 7 days before Christmas and I’m already feeling it. I still haven’t prepared gifts yet for my inaanaks. Maybe I shall give you my warmest hugs and kisses na lang? Hahaha!


Reading my current read: It’s Kind Of Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. I have been searching for something like a garage sale or book buffet so that I can haul up for my 2017 reads. But unfortunately, I haven’t seen one here in Pampanga. (Sad)

Writing this Sunday Currently volume (obviously) Hahahaha!

Listening to loud beats and mixes (of course, because of the boyfriend) Feels like I am at a rave party or something. Oh, I forgot, I went to After Pakuhan last Friday and I must say that I still can’t get enough of my bbgirl Patty Tiu!!!!!!!!!

Thinking if I should also download W-Two Worlds or continue with the One Piece?

Smelling myself hahaha! I smell like sugar and vanilla.

Wishing that my ninong and ninangs still give me aguinaldo.

Hoping that my 2017 will be a great year for me.

Wearing a rose-patterned halter sleeveless and shorts. I’m feeling cute right now. =))

Loving the room temperature where I hide myself right now. I’m so comfortable I don’t want to go out anymore.

Wanting to write more because I’m feeling productive and inspired right now.

Needing my caffeine to be fixed because it has been since I-don’t-remember when I had my last sip of my dark mocha. And I like my coffee now. HUHUHU.

Feeling cute right now. Mehehehe. ❀

Clicking download button.

Eventhough the start of my week was not that good, I am happy that my sunday is better than okay. I hope yours too! :–)

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