type type type enter

backspace backspace backspace

letting my fingers form the words

that my brain cannot construct

but still nothing came out

backspace backspace backspace

and i start again;

start and i think of the right words to use,

to write—this unfathomable feelings

i am trying to suppress but still

backspace backspace backspace

until i no longer able to write

type type type

i don’t know what nonsense words i typed

but still i type; typing all these words

thinking if i let my fingers type,

it will create something—

something that can define

what i really really feel right now

backspace backspace backspace

until all the word that i typed was gone

backspace backspace backspace

and i am done.



unnamed (1)

I see stars in your eyes

whenever it meets mine;

those twinkling and sparkling little dusk

we used to stare at night.

but now I stare at the night sky,

all I remember were your eyes;

a constant reminder of that night

when we’re still happy on each other’s arms.

First song



I hate you.

I hate you for having such beautiful eyes.

Each time when your eyes met mine

like you are seeing through me and

makes me wonder if you like what you’re seeing.


I hate you for your sweet mouth.

From all the kisses we’ve shared –

the taste of it and how my name rolls on your tongue;

creating this kind of sensation only you can make.


I hate you for all the sweetened words you latched on me –

on nights that we used to talk over the phone,

blanket over my head, ’til the dawn breaks.

Sugar-coated, as you knew that chocolates were my favorites.


I hate you for your smile.

That kind of smile you can see on tv commercials.

That simple smile that can make any day brighter,

and the smile that I fell for.


I hate how you cared for me.

For those nights when we’re on the couch,

watching a favorite chick-flick of mine that you never liked,

you enveloped me with your arms and

felt like you never want to let go. Since then, I craved for your hugs.


I hate it.

I hate it I am saying this to you

when in fact I don’t mean it;

for that I have to keep it all to myself.

All I know is,

this is the only way to let you go;

without me shattering into pieces and

a constant reminder of how I loved you.


This song is from the korean drama series W – two worlds, of course Lee Jong Suk (my bb <3) and Han Hyo Joo as the lead cast. Definitely one of my favorites!!!! I hope Lee Jong Suk will never have a girlfriend. Hahahaha! XD

PS: I ALSO WANT NUMBER 4! (if you already watched W, you know what I mean. ❤ LOL.)


under the weeping sky,

a lone heart shivered

with loneliness and


with a feverish smile.

amidst the coldness

and darkness of

the weeping sky—

gray and gloomy,

soon will stop.

sooner or later,

a glimpse of sunshine

will unfold a brand new day

and the lone heart 

will never be alone again.

in an alternate universe

this is me –
full of doubts, regrets and misery
in my own universe as i call it.
in a pitch-dark room where things are cold,
i curled myself like a ball.
this is me – 
a black hole i knew i was making
all of the loneliness and hatred kept,
sucking up and becoming this hole 
in my chest, i cant suppress.
but i wish this is me – 
in an alternate universe:
like the big bang theory 
that explodes from nothingness
and turned into everything;
like a constellation of stars
that you looked up in the sky at night
wonder in your eyes.
i wish i will be me – 
even in the slightest form of atom
in time and space,
deeply lost into the void,
even just in an another alternate universe.


when you look at me
space in between
like I’m the only one
you see
in a heartbeat
pulling me closer
but still
I can’t feel
I can taste your lips
that sweet, minty 
feels that lingers
I can’t resist
yet we’re not there
for our almost
comes to end.