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type type type enter backspace backspace backspace letting my fingers form the words that my brain cannot construct but still nothing came out backspace backspace backspace and i start again; start and i think of the right words to use, to write—this unfathomable feelings i am trying to suppress but still backspace backspace backspace until i no longer able to write type type type i don’t know what nonsense words i typed but still i type; typing all these words, thinking if i let my fingers type, it will create something—something that can define what i really really feel right now backspace backspace backspaceΒ until all the word that i typed was gone backspace backspace backspaceΒ and i am done.


it’s 1:27 a.m.

and i am still wide awake.

i just want to sleep now

but my eyes won’t allow me.

bothered and feeling uneasy,

why am i like this?

the only thing i want is

to have a good night sleep.