Another blogging hiatus or not, that I do not know. All I know is that I am busy watching and downloading my Korean and Japanese drama because, I don’t want to say it this way but, I think I am  quite OBSESSED and ADDICTED to it. Well, hell yeah. 

Back in high school, I remember when one of my best friends began uttering her admiration to this K-Pop group Super Junior and SNSD and was like starting singing korean songs that I don’t even understand a word and even memorized the choreography of it. She was all hyped about it. Not only that, she also started studying the korean language. Little by little, I realized that our bond was not like how we used to before she knew the K-pop. We finished our 2nd year in high school together and after that, She and I had a different class until we graduated and our relationship as best friends, I don’t know the right word, became awkward, maybe? But right now, we still follow each other on Instagram. I just missed the good old times. 

And now, I think I call myself a Kpop fan and just found myself scrolling through google and browsing a good Korean dramas until I can’t get enough of it. :—-) The first few months before I got addicted to it was just an ordinary binge watching for me. But after episodes and episodes, I just want more and I can’t stop. Am I really addicted? Hahahahahaha! One of the reasons why I love K-dramas is that the story is unpredictable. Not your ordinary chic-flick type or cheesy romance, but the twist. OMG! And their acting skills!!!! I love their simplicity but full of emotions kind of acting. I know that I am too fast to make this review about their acting skills but I am just speaking for myself, my own opinion because I really really love how they show their characters. Ugh. Anyways, I just love K-Pop. Not to mention all my handsome oppas, Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook and of course my baby boy Lee Jong Suk ❤ 



I am asking myself if I made the right decision; It has been almost three months since I quit my last job and until now I haven’t found a new one. It is getting worse everyday, and I don’t know what to do anymore. I have been searching online for jobs and none of it got me interested. So, I decided to at least give a try to apply in a call center company. I got the chance to have an interview and an online exam yet I haven’t called. Let me share a story with you; It is kind of funny  I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time because of my stupidity. So I got my resume and passed it. I got interviewed and had the test. Then, we went home. Days later, I checked my resume in my desktop again and I noticed that my contact number is WRONG! Gad, I don’t know why I haven’t checked it twice but… I remembered that I also filled up an applicant’s form. I just hope that they use the applicant’s form (not my resume’s info) to contact me again. I am so stupid I want to cry. Hahaha!  Actually, it was my first time to apply in a call center. I don’t really have an eye in working in that kind of environment because of my health and when my grandmother was still alive, she also doesn’t want me to work there because of its shifting and risk my health for higher payoffs. But now, I have no choice but to try.
I realized that it was really hard to find a job here in Pampanga. Not because I have no experience at all but my location is way too far in the business center of Pampanga, which is Clark. And I find it that most of the jobs here are Call Centers and Real Estates which is not my thing, but there is no time to be picky. I just need a decent job. I am 20 now,  and it is so hard to be an adult. Sometimes I got envy when some of my batch mates post about their work and how fun it was. They got to travel everywhere while working while me, I am here sitting comfortably watching TV and in front of my laptop doing this post. I. AM. HOPELESS.

I am thinking if I finished my degree, will it be the same right now? If I was able to have my training at ABSCBN, will I have a work right now? A work that my heart desires? So many questions and I am afraid to know the answers. I know that this is just only a challenge of life and I need to conquer it with faith and determination. I AM LOST, and I need to find myself as soon as possible.