| 02

A breather— a temporary space, was the only thing she asked for. She needed time. She wanted to escape where she was right now, but there was a thick wall that kept her away from the life that she wanted. Life is unfair, she thought.

| 01

She stared blankly at the pavement, wandering along the dim-lighted street whilst listening to the people murmuring at the distance, thinking what went wrong.
All of her life she gave nothing but the best as she could, yet she still disappoints people – especially people around her, who is much more special to her. There is always a question mark in everything, she thought; but she cannot give answers to it – at all. And that is why she is disappointed in herself, too.
She fears rejections, making the same mistakes and failures; showing her own weaknesses. She holds herself up and conceal it with things that can make her good in the eyes of others. She fakes smiles – all the time, when deep inside is the opposite of what she really feels. She cries, and little by little, got destroyed by the overflowing sadness in her veins. And eventually, she got drowned by it until her happiness died within herself.
She wanted to right wrongs. She always wanted to bring out the good in other’s heart but in the end, she couldn’t do it for her own self. She wanted to be free – from this box full of hatred, confusion, anxiety and much worse, the negativity that made her have cynical view in life.