so im thinking of what to write here & remember how i sucks at this intro/about me thing. but i’ll try, i promise.

okay, imΒ ica (ay-ka), a 20-something lost soul.Β 

here you’ll find some snippets of who am i which includes (1) my monotonous life, (2) some rantings about everything and when i say everything it means i rant about people, things, foods that i’ll eat, places i’ll go, (3) some funny stories i encountered, (4) other people’s business or stories i get when im commuting (yes i sometimes eavesdrop), and maybe some (5) inspiring i-dont-know topics or experience i know of.Β 

so i dont even know why im writing this about page.

and maybe i should stop writing this pretentious act of introducing myself now. but i still hope you guys find this little space of mine interesting.Β