the sunday currently | 13

can’t remember the last time i wrote a sunday currently entry *tadaah* hahaha! anyways, i am just happy that i get to write one now. seriously, i can’t really find time to write because (1) sienna, age 1. you know how toddlers are, right? and (2) i cant use the pc ’cause T removed the cpu case and now it is bared and skeletal i dont know what to press.

today is a cold, cozy, rainy sunday. it was raining cats and dogs the whole afternoon but for the love of rain and coffee, the cold never bothered me anyway. hahahaha!

we cooked spicy tuna & bacon carbona for my brother’s 16th birthday. just a simple celebration. funny thing is, my brother kept on posting rants on his facebook account about him not giving a single damn on his birthday just because he thought that we won’t celebrate it. so my sister surprised him last night, five minutes before his birthday, an early birthday cake. we woke him up just to sing him a happy birthday, turned out he got mad for waking him up. lol

so anyhoo,


Reading all the bright places by jennifer niven. i really wanted to read more so i am pushing myself to read a few chapters a day and read at night before bed.

Writing this entry. i am looking for a good journalling notebook because  i want to write again. i tried journal apps but  it didn’t give me the satisfaction of having a journal. feel me? or is it just me? 🙄

Listening best part – H.E.R (ft. daniel caesar)

Thinking of s a m g y u p s a l. 🐷🐖🐽🥩🍖

Wearing purple tee and orange short. dora the explorer ang peg? hahahaha!

Loving the bed weather. 🌧

Needing some 💰💰💰 (always! haha)

Feeling cute ala dora the explorer 

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One thought on “the sunday currently | 13

  1. Have you tried “day one” it’s an awesome Digital journal app that allows you to insert pictures and videos and it runs across your devices seamlessly – I love it and it converted me from analogue – which I didn’t think would happen.


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