I really really have a soft spot for cats & dogs but I think I should not have a pet. here’s why:

cats and dogs are like babies to me. they are like fur balls that wash away all the stress I have everyday and I am so thankful for their existence. I really have a soft spot for them that I think I am not good at taking good care of them. I get so emotional when they get sick, I get so emotional when they really like the food I give to them, and I get so emotional when I lost them. it hurts me as bad as, or much more rather, than a relationship break-up. I hate feeling that way. and as much as I want to take home all the stray cats on the street and feed them, I know I can’t.

today I woke up to a sad news. after a long day of finding my kitten yesterday, I found her this morning, cold and lifeless. my heart crushed into pieces and just cried in my room. I’ve been crying since the day I lost her. my poor mimi. </3 gosh, tears are coming out, again. I am so mad, so mad, that people are so cruel. I keep saying to myself that it is much better if someone found her and feed her that everything’s going to be okay because my mimi is so sweet and adorable and people will really like her. but this morning, I feel like I am wronged. I hate it. I really hate my neighborhood. this is not the first time. I also had a kitten before, but our neighbor found it but never returned it to me and you know what they did? they gave my kitten to the kids playing around their area and they know that I was looking for a kitten but they gave it to the kids anyway. I AM SO MAD. cats and dogs have feelings too.

I think I am not going to have a cat for a long time from now on. I hate myself. I’m a bad mother. I really really love cats but I think I am not ready to have one right now. I am emotionally not ready.


14 thoughts on “I really really have a soft spot for cats & dogs but I think I should not have a pet. here’s why:

      1. Suuuper hirap pag pets nawala ‘no. ‘Yung unang pet ko naman na nawala sa’kin (na may isip na ako) is dog namin for almost 15/16 years ata. Huhu grabe. Sakit sa puso.


  1. ng pictures

    Nung naospital si Dax (yung aso namin) di kami nakakakain ni Kyx non kasi ang lungkot lungkot. Pano pa kaya yung nawala na talaga siya πŸ˜₯ <//////3

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  2. This is heartbreaking, I can’t believe that this could happen so easily. I think it is a very mature move for you to decide to not own a pet – I hope that you will become more emotionally resilient so that you can have a pet again one day πŸ™‚

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  3. ohh I know how you’re feeling right now, I always have pets 8especially cats) growing up and up until now, losing them is worst than having break ups. If I7m there I’m gonna give you a hug (hugss)

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    1. thank u ~hugs~ currently I have two dogs and since my mimi died, I am super extra careful not to let them go out of the house if it’s possible but I know they should also play hahaha. u r right, it is worst than having a break up.

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