why on earth am I having these kind of dreams?

Last night I had a hard time sleeping but that’s not even the end of it, I woke up with cold sweat from a crazy dream. I think I already shared some of my (weird)crazy dreams here on my blog, and as much as possible I want to remember all of it (maybe it will be a sign, something like that. Lol) but we have dreams that can be easily forgotten and some of it still remain as it is, clear and vivid.

But last night was different. I don’t know why I have that kind of dream. I remember parts of it but not everything. It’s scary and tiring, gosh, I don’t even know where/how to start.

So from what I remember, I was in a building. I don’t know where it was and it was nighttime. And after walking around, I found myself running. Run, run, run, my head says. I felt out-of-breath but still I ran. And when I turned my head, there are men who were catching me, I am not sure with this part, but it seemed like they were after me because I hold something important that they want to get from me. I ran, without knowing the exit. The worst part is, I was cornered and they were all perverts. Gosh, I still have the chills. And then, I woke up. Crazy, right?

Should I be careful with men around me? There’s a lot of silly ideas coming out in my head. I am afraid to go out, thinking that there’s a stranger waiting for me. Gaaaahd. Or maybe, I will be sexually assaulted, by whom? Pls, don’t judge. But seriously, these thoughts keep on running in my head.

Sometimes the idea of sleeping scares me. Or even just the time when the sun sets, I know that it will be night again. Scared that something will appear in my windows, or I’ll be having another dream. I know, it’s silly but still. I don’t know when it all started—this feeling of uneasiness and anxiety when the night unfolds. Ohhh, I wish I won’t have any bad, crazy dreams again.

Btw, I have a new kitten. He’s so cute and his color is gray. What should I name him? Hmmm.

♡ A


8 thoughts on “why on earth am I having these kind of dreams?

  1. I keep having really weird dreams lately too, normally I dream probably once or twice a week but currently I’m on a 4 day streak and it’s really weirding me out. I’d love to have someone come & analyse my dreams to tell me what they meant! xx

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    1. it always gives me the creeps. i have this dream with a man without a face. i know it’s the same man and i have no idea who he was. ive been google-ing my dreams too. shocks, i hope i can get money out of these dreams lol.

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  2. I think, generally, dreams are just dreams. There was this one time I dreamt I murdered someone but maybe that’s just because of watching too many crime shows hahaha! Pero nasa sa atin naman yun kung paano natin siya iinterpret 😛 Maybe kaya you’re having bad dreams kasi in real life medyo may anxiety ka or feeling of restlesness? Try to relax before sleeping, I think that will help 🙂

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    1. grabe yung may minurder sa panaginip. hahahaha! nahuli ka po ba sa panaginip mo? 😂

      pero siguro nga po, noh? pinapagod ko na nga lang mata ko para makatulog agad eh. (feeling ko naman relax ako bago matulog, siguro subconscious nalang)

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  3. Bebe di ko alam kung nakwento ko na to sayo pero ako every day ako nananaginip tapos sooobrang dami kong panaginip palagi tas parang movies. Ganun! Minsna intense, minsan hindi. Minsan ako ‘yung bida, minsan parang nanonood ako movie. One time, nanaginip ako na may jowa daw akong artista pero di ko na maalala kung sino. Hahaha. Pero dati may phase ako na ang mga panaginip ko, palagi akong hinahabol or tinatry patayin ganun pero di ko pa rin alam hanggang ngayon kung anong ibig sabihin or bat ko napapanaginipan ‘yun. Though hindi naman ako binabangungot or something. Sobrang intense lang talaga malimit. Baka gusto akong mag-action star.

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    1. mas grabe ka naman pala managinip. ako paminsan minsan lang pero intense, ikaw inevery day mo hahaha. yung akin naman, may isang panaginip ako na same figure of man. ang weird pero di ko siya kilala pero nasa panaginip ko siya palagi. at tsaka yun nga yung hinahabol ako. grabe, creepy. pero meron din akong panaginip na ka-date ko si ji chang wook (oppa) ko hahahahaha.


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