sleep, pls come to me

Sleep—the only thing that I craved for these past few days and I don’t even know why I am having a hard time sleeping when I have nothing in my head. Sure that’s a good thing: having nothing to think of, but even though that’s the case, I just can’t have a good night sleep.

It‘s already 11:44 p.m., I am typing this while my boyfriend is sleeping like a baby beside me, and I am feeling envious on how he can sleep in a short span of time while I already counted from 1 to 100 in my head and pondered on things that I don’t usually think of, still I am far being sleepy.

Okay, I don’t know where this entry will go, but let me share with you guys how my day went.

So I slept in my boyfriend’s place yesterday because today was his day-off and the plan was to do the laundry. Yes, he did the laundry. Lol. The thing is, I really hate doing the laundry, even washing the dishes because it always make my hands so dry and itchy. It was very convenient when we do our laundry in their house because they have a dryer. So while waiting for him to finish, I download another k-drama series and a movie, Love Rain and You are my Pet (if you are familiar), and read some blogs too.

It was 6pm when we decided to go home, but first we headed to a gift shop to buy a gift for his inaanak. And luckily, there’s a new Daiso Japan store so we checked it out first. AND TODAY IS MY DAY. I found a very cute notebook and cute stationeries, and the good boyfriend bought it for me. Hahaha! After 173538272 years, I have a new notebook. Then, we had cheeseburger and fries from McDo for dinner and went home.

Days are always like this for me—monotonous and ordinary. Nothing much happened to me lately. Aside from having a hard time sleeping, I am so fine being bored and not being sad or depressed, which is good news ofc.

Time check: 12:28 a.m., and my eyes started to feel heavy, and I am feeling it already. Time to hit the sack. Good night.

♡ A


22 thoughts on “sleep, pls come to me

  1. If I can’t sleep, I drink coffee. I know, it’s now how it suppose to work but my body is weird like that. Hahahaha. I usually fell asleep a few minutes after finishing a cup.

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  2. Sleeping very late is a talent. JK. HAHAHA Hello it’s nice na i found your blog. 😊 I created my acct. last night… morning rather. Don’t have any Follower though.If you don’t mind po ate would you recommend me. Saranghae. 😙 I’m a fan of Kdrama too. HAHAHA

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  3. Hellooooo Finally! Found a Filipino blogger. Hahaha I created my acct. Last night soooooo I have zero follower. If you don’t mind po ateeeee would you recommend me? 😊 Kamsahamnida! 😘 Saranghae! 😊

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  4. my 5yo’s advice how to get sleepy:
    1 Humiga sa pwestong gusto mo
    2 Pumikit, yung totoong pikit, wag tulog-tulugan
    3 Pakinggan yung sounds sa paligid
    4 Paggising mo, umaga na

    haha 😛 hope this helps, di rin ako nakakatulog agad, kasi kahit nakapikit ako, ang daming tumatakbo sa isip ko

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    • weird is, wala naman akong iniisip pero di pa rin ako nakakatulog. dati para makatulog ako, finofocus ko sa isang bagay yung mata ko hanggang di ko na namalayan na nakatulog na ako, pero di na siya effective. hahahaha pero, thanks sa tips. tatry ko yan. huhuhu


  5. My boyfriend volunteered to do our dishes cause I hate that chore too, but I think we’d both enjoy doing laundry if we had the machines in our unit. Going to the facility is quite a hassle /:

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  6. Same problem! It is advisable daw to refrain using technology 45min or an hour ba yun before matulog. And i tried that a couple of times but the result is, I couldt sleep pa rin. Super active ng brain so i end up just thinking and looking at the ceiling haha. Nakakastress nga medyo. So parang new strategy ko ngayun para maka diretso ako ng tulog is to tire my eyes. Napaka opposite talaga sa advisable habit! Hahah pero yun lang ang effective sakin. 😢 mag read nalang ng blogs o ebooks before sleeping. 😊

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    • ako rin, pinapagod ko na lang din yung mata ko. dati ginagawa ko finofocus ko yung tingin ko sa dumi sa pader or any thing hahaha basta dapat dun lang ako nakatingin. effective dati pero now, hindi na. or insomiac na talaga tayo? (wag naman jusq) 😂

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      • Hahha ako rin! Pero kahit anong focus ko sa bubong or sa kung ano ba, ang brain ko’y floating somewhere else pa rin. Semi-insomniac kaya tayo? naku! or overthinker lang? or ano ba. hahahuhu we need tea.

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