one step backward, two steps forward

we always makes mistakes, that’s normal; it makes us more human. we don’t need to blame ourselves and others for our mistakes, thus we make it as an eye-opener to be a better version of ourselves. we sometimes ignore the lessons learned when we make mistakes, and because of that, we make the same mistake again.

before, i always step backward, stayed there for a very long time and never move forward. i always took my time to devour all the mistakes i have done, savored all the bitterness and self-pity and hatred came from it and never realised that i was becoming a miserable, wasted human being.

i made myself to be in the state where i was so in denial, confused, full of hate, always pity herself and build a wall where not everyone can enter. not until i felt alone — i started to isolate myself, thinking that if i did that, i won’t make any mistake, but i was wrong.

i always step backward when i should step forward. i should step forward, and forgive myself for my own mistakes and learn from it. i should never take a step backward and put myself in that miserable state when i just need to have two steps forward, accept my mistakes, and feel better. take a step backward to see the image of yourself — on how devastated, miserable you were when you keep on blaming yourself with that single mistake, then take a step forward to release yourself from that blame, put away all the blame aside, think of all the things that will make up for that mistake and do it. that’s the right thing to do.

maybe we can take a step backward, take that step to make yourself realize all the wrong things you’ve done, then after that, don’t forget to take two steps forward; to freed yourself from all the blame and make up for that mistake; that will make you grow as a better person.

always remember to take a step forward.


12 thoughts on “one step backward, two steps forward

  1. Truer words have never been spoken, it takes failure to reach success. I’ve learned so much from my past mistakes that I make mistakes on purpose just to so I can learn some more stuff! 🙂. Great post, never be afraid to regress when it’ll result in progress.

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  2. Very true. I remember those days when I always answer my greatest fear to be “failing”. With that, I’ve barricaded myself away from risks. But then I realised that what’s worse than failing is not trying and learning. Love this ❤️

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    • thank you for reading!💕 don’t be afraid to take risks. well what’s life without risks, sure it will be boring, right? 😊 and whats more important is we learn. 👍👍👍

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    • thanks, amielle!!!!💕 hahaha my posts are more of a note to self, but still happy that i get to spread some positivity here. 😊


  3. This is so beautiful. Always spreading positivity huh?❤️❤️ Everything you said is purely the truth. We aren’t robots to be perfect, we are human beings. We commit mistakes. And in those mistakes, we find out who we really are. Everything in this post is well said! ❤️

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