I once had a best friend (and other stories)

I am very jealous, envious rather, when I see my sister and her best friend. I am very opened to them on how I wished to have that kind of friendship but never had a chance or I had a chance but didn’t get a hold of it for a very long time. My sister and her best friend had known each other for eight long years. Would you imagine that? And until now, though Pinky, her best friend’s name, moved to Mindoro and decided to live there for two years after living with us for a long time. I think this will be the first time that those two would be separated from each other.

They are very close up to the point where they share almost everything — clothes, foods, house, (and even boyfriend. Lol — but it is true. Her boyfriend is everyone’s boyfriend. Not that he’s sleeping with everyone, but he acts as a boyfriend to all of us since we already knew each other personally and we lived in the same roof whenever they wanted and I think that’s cute and sweet.) plus she’s cool with that.

I once had a best friend. I met her in second grade, we were in the same class. I remember she’s alone and since our surname starts with letter M, we were in the same line in the seat plan and became close since then. But in our third grade, I transferred school and I felt sad that time because I wasn’t going to see her if I transferred school. I moved to a public school because I think we were financially challenged that time and my mother was working abroad that time, that was the time I experienced to be bullied since I came from a private school. After the bullying incident, and when my grandmother knew about it because my grades went down from the line of 9’s to 7’s, she decided to transfer me back to the private school that I enrolled before and I remember being happy that time; not because I will be free from those kids who bullied me, but I will be able to see my friend again.

Luckily, I was in the same class with my friend J and since then, we became best friends. We graduated, and went to high school together. Soon we entered high school, our friendship started to fade out. Since grade school, we have the same class together. We have the same circle of friends, but when we set foot as a high school-er, things became different. We were no longer in the same class. We met different people and created new circle of friends. We were still close but not that close compared when we were in grade school. That made me sad. Until we graduated high school, little did we notice that our friendship faded out and we didn’t know how it happened.

I had another best friend, but this time it was a boy best friend. I met him in my junior year and through a mutual friend. I never thought that I will be close to him. At first, it was awkward because I felt unsure if he really wanted friendship or more than that. I was not wrong, he attempted to ask me to be his girlfriend but I said no. I reasoned out that I find him comfortable, that I don’t want to lose him, that he’s the only person that time that I trusted the most. And since that confession, we somehow lost our communication. Maybe to find what we really wanted or maybe he was hurt from what I said. But not too long, he talked to me again and said that he was cool being only my best friend. Up until now, we’re still best friends, but we don’t talk that often because of our personal relationships. My boyfriend and her girlfriend were the jealous type, and I totally understand it. What’s important to me is I get to talk to him when I have my problems and same with him.

But, what do you think about that? Being not able to talk casually with your guy best friend (if you were a girl) just because of the girlfriend? This is my say about it: before you had your girl, you knew me first right? So why not talk to me AND YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND FOR GOOD’S SAKE? Where were you when I needed someone to talk to? And to the jealous-type girlfriends of my best friend: It’s not like I’ll snatch him away from you. *eye rolls* HAHAHAHA!

 Am I being selfish here? LOL.

Uhhhh. But now, I am good having my boyfriend as my “best friend”, though he’s not acting like one. LOL. But I am contented having him as my confidante, my endorphin and my breather. ❀

But I’m going to leave this here: So how do we consider someone as a best friend, really? Is it about the time you’ve known each other or even though you just met that person in a short time, the connection was enough? I really want to read your thoughts. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “I once had a best friend (and other stories)

  1. A best friend is someone you trust and can go to with any problem or situation without being scared of judgement!

    My boyfriend is my only best friend too but sometimes I also get envious of girl best friends.

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    1. You’re right. For me, even though you don’t see each other that often but whenever you need each other, and you’ll be there for each other. That makes a best friend. Even if it’s emotionally or financially, a best friend will always be there. :–)

      Thank you for your thoughts! I really envied my sister and her best friend. Wish I had someone who I can shower with. Lol you know, girls bonding. πŸ˜‚

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      1. I know what you mean! I’ve never really had a best friend like that either but have always wished to!

        Your welcome!

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  2. I think it depends on the person and how secure the couple is with each other. Times have changed to much for girls to have guy besties, unless they were…..you know. Funny. Other than that, those relationships don’t last long anymore because either the boyfriend or the girlfriend will put a stop to it.

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    1. True, that’s what I like to say. If you’re not insecure with the relationship you have, it will not be a problem. But I must say, after I confronted my best friend about him liking me, that I just like him as a friend, he became one and never mentioned it again. But her girl was the reason why we don’t talk anymore that much. *eye rolls* and about my boyfriend, he’s cool with my best friend and I am glad. Lol. πŸ˜‚

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      1. You know *sideways smile* secure or not, there is always a small piece in everyone that has an enemy’s feeling about an opposite sex bestie in some shape or form. Especially if that bestie wanted to go to a movie.


      2. ooohh I just imagined your sideway smile. Lol. I get what you’re trying to say. 😁 but still *eye rolls* to that girl. Lol

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