me as my sister’s canvas (lol)

I don’t usually put makeup, except if there’s a special occasion. But yesterday, my sister decided to play with my face and wanted to try something.

I don’t have my own makeup kit and I really don’t know what brush or powder to use. I just prefer to wear my lip tints and draw my eye brow and that’s it. No more complicated steps to follow. Another fact about me is: I don’t use powder on my face nor wash my face with soap. It is very sensitive, I get pimples easily.  But I am proud that my face is so smooth. Lol.

Moving on, so my sister made some magic. It was a lazy afternoon and we have nothing to do so we decided to play with her makeup kit. My sister is so girly than me. She has a lot of knowledge when it comes to makeup. I think I am not really a girl but I am just trapped with a girl’s body. 😂 That’s what I like about her: she can make me more pretty. She’s also the one who draws my eyebrows perfectly. (When kilay is life 😂)

See, what I mean? Hahahaha!😂


BUT! I told her that once she puts makeup on me, I will do the same thing with her. And here’s the result: 😂😂😂😂😂


What do you think??? I can do magic too, right? XD


18 thoughts on “me as my sister’s canvas (lol)

    1. Thank you!💖💖💖 Funny she wanted to do a smokey eye, but I said NO. HAHAHA I know that I will just look like a zombie if she do that. 😂😂😂😂 yes, I like how she do that “no make up” look.

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