about yesterday

I felt my Sunday was incomplete because I was not able to write my Sunday Currently entry and that’s because I was out ’til late with the boyfriend. I was thinking to write my entry even if it’s the witching hour but I failed, I was too tired and sleepy. Ergo, this entry is about what happened the whole day yesterday. Sounds good? [yeah, I am trying to, at least, make my Sunday currently in low-key. Lol]

So her mother asked me to go to their house in the morning because she told me that they will go to the mall and was inviting me to join for lunch. Fortunately, the boyfriend got lazy to go to work, so we went together.

Before lunch, we went to the mall. We walked around and let the kids play for an hour. My boyfriend went to buy for new shorts and tshirts. And this is the frustrating part: So he said that he will buy me a notebook & pen or a book, whatever I wanted. BUT!!!!! When I was about to look for the book that I was looking for, the bookstore was cleaning the shelves, and most of the books were gone and the shelves were not properly arranged. So I decided to just look for a cute notebook for my attempt to bullet journalling. BUT AGAIN!!!!!! The notebooks were all cream ruled paper, I was about to get one with dotted paper but it happened they have nothing with that kind. So we end up walking to the department store, hoping they have the notebook that I was looking for. But yesterday was not for me. I end up buying nothing!!!!! :——-[

Okay, let me tell you something about my boyfriend.

He doesn’t like loooong walks. So when we are in the mall, and I am in the middle of checking out the stores that I want or even browsing books in the bookstore, he always wants to go home early or make this silly excuse of having a bad stomachache etc etc. He pisses me off BIG time whenever he reasons that out!!! I’ll know if he doesn’t want to walk anymore when I hear him tsk tsk tsk ang his face becomes looooong while we are walking and that irritates me more.

We are totally opposite, but they say opposites attract. Well, I won’t say something about that. Hahahaha!

We had our dinner at their house, and went home past 8 o’clock. I know I still had time to write my Sunday Currently but I was so dead-tired from the walking anf feeling irritated that I just want to tuck myself to bed and just sleep.

That’s it. That’s how my Sunday went. I am still sad about not getting a good notebook & pen. But that’s okay, he told me that we can look for it this week. ❤ ❤


4 thoughts on “about yesterday

  1. I am still writing my Sunday Currently for last Sunday and I have the same sentiments as you. I was out with the beau for hours. I think generally guys have aversion to long walks in the mall because I was doing an impromptu shopping last Sunday and I don’t like staying in one store to get all the things I need. I have to go to at least 2-3 stores. Beau’s face? Ugh, I would have smacked his face with my umbrella. Hahaha.

    Lesson learned: Just go out and eat. DON’T EVER SHOP WITH THEM.

    I will probably post my Sunday Currently mid-week. I know–Sunday–but who cares?


    1. Boys are really boys. They just want to play and eat and play. 😂 I would have smacked him in the face too but I stopped myself because I was with her mom that time. Lol 😂

      I’ve been thinking the same about posting my sunday currently entry! Hahahaha. Well, who cares right???? 😂💓


  2. How long have you guys been together? Magbabago pa yan. Hahaha. KYx is like that before. I get so frustrated because I don’t like to feel like I’m being a burden tapos sya ang arte arte niya and impatient when I check stuff out. But after a while, the tables have turned! ahahah Ako na yung naiinis sakanya bwahahahah

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    1. 1 year 8 months ate. Super arte talaga tapos pag siya yung pumupunta sa store ng mga helmets, ganon rin siya, ayaw niyang nagmamadali ako. Pero pag ako sa bookstore or sa mga damit, di mapakali -______- madalang nga lang kami mag-mall na kaming dalawa ehh. 😂


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