UPDATE: Oh no, Oh no. Time to meet the parentals (!!!!!)

So here’s a little update on what happened last night.

It was 5:30pm when the boyfriend messaged me that they were on their way to our place. My initial reaction was to panic because my sister left me alone with my little brother without any notice, and I had no freaking idea what to do. She knew that my boyfriend’s mother was coming but still left me. I was pissed off a little at her. My sister and I planned to cook for dinner and I asked her if she can cook (I am not good at cooking, sorry. XD) but then, like what I said, she left without saying a word. So I messaged my boyfriend again to ask what should I do. He replied saying that they brought the food and need not to worry. So I was relieved.

My boyfriend arrived first because he has his own motorcycle, and after a few minutes, they all arrived: his mother and sister with her husband and daughter. So I welcomed them, smile here and there, fighting the nerves that has been building up since that morning. But I think it wasn’t awkward at all. :—-)

I was too shy to talk so I let them sit comfortably first. Thanks to my boyfie, he’s the one who served the juice because I was still panicking inside though I was smiling and trying to talk to them. Thankfully, they started the conversation, asking me if it was just the three of us (my siblings) who stayed in our place. I said yes because my mother stayed in their staff house, and just go home once or twice a week. After that, the conversation went smoothly. (*sigh* of relief)

While waiting for my mother to arrive, we talked about so many things like our place was too far, and if I continue my studies here it will be a long travel for me to go to the university, etcetera etcetera. My nervousness slowly fade away and I became more comfortable talking to her, and I think it was so nice. (OK, I know whatever I said in my lastΒ post was all in my mind.)

It was past 7pm when my mother got home. She said she was stuck in a heavy traffic and it was raining so hard. So they hugged each other and all smiles and all, talk a little, as if they were not chatting with each other *eye rolls*, before we have our dinner.

The night went well, and theΒ topicΒ was not mentioned (I AM SO HAPPY! HAHAHAHAHA!) I know this post should be about that. And yes — GOOD NEWS, it didn’t came up in their conversation and I am relieved. Honestly, I don’t know what will be my reaction if that happens. It was past 8pm when they bid goodbye with a smile on their faces and telling us that they will visit again soon if there’s time.Β πŸ˜€



9 thoughts on “UPDATE: Oh no, Oh no. Time to meet the parentals (!!!!!)

    1. I am happy beyond words WAHAHAHAHA!!! (& relieved). GAAAAAHD. The first time I heard it I was SHOOKT! LMAO. Alam kong matagal tagal pa ang next update neto ;—) XD


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