my love for notebooks and (cute)pens

Whenever I go to bookstores, even if I just go there to look for a good book and not planning to buy anything at all or even if I just saw a bookstore or any stationery stores, my feet will automatically walk towards the entrance and end up buying a notebook or a pen. It is kind of habit, I guess.

I have many notebooks that are kept to collect dust in my bookshelf. Some of it have writings, and some are not used. I just love to collect notebooks and pens. I always have this battle in my head where I buy this cute little notebook and when I was about to write something on it, my hands stiffened like it doesn’t want to wreck that cute little notebook and just display it on my shelf. Weird, right?

And so for my pens, I have this little pouch (not pencil-case, it is too small for my collection) where I hide all my pens — I have ball points, g-techs, markers, pens with different colors of ink, and many more. And I always have pens in my bags. I don’t want anyone to use my pens. I am selfish when it comes to my things. Another thing is, when I am at the bookstore, I always go where the pens are displayed and me being overly obsessed with pens, I always try and test all different kinds of pens just to satisfy my obsessions. =)) and I think that’s beautiful. (LOL)

I am thinking to continue writing on my journal. I stopped for a while and I don’t know why but right now, I am inspired to do the bullet journal thing. I am not that organised with things but we’ll see.

Do you have any weird obsession/s or weird fetishes (lol)? 😀


23 thoughts on “my love for notebooks and (cute)pens

    1. Hahaha! Some of my pens already dried up because it was kept too long, like some of it I bought when I was still in college. I didnt manage to use it all. Hahaha. But still, I keep all of it in a pouch. (Lol)

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  1. I use to be like this with sunglasses. Any store I’d go into, if they had sunglasses, I’d get a pair. This is back when I never even wore them. Now I have one pair that I love and wear all the time and have somehow gotten over my addiction haha

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    1. Hahahaha glad to hear you somehow gotten over your addiction, but me I am still having a hard time to control my hands to pick some pens to buy, even if I am short with money, I still buy a pen, the cheapest one, and especially if the pen has a cute design. WAAAAH! ❤ ❤

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      1. WAAHH TALAGA? 💕😍 Ang alam ko basta pag galing sa Japan yung mga Hello Kitty ang pinaka cute😂😂😂 Dito sa States yung sa Target grabe ang school supplies at locker essentials!💕😍😍😍 yung mga notebooks and pens such as sharpies ang ganda😭😭😭❤️

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    1. True, likewise. You keep on trying to write pero you failed, kahit maganda hand-writing mo. 😆 Kahit nga yung death note na binigay sakin ng boyfriend ko, ayun display na lang. 😂

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  2. Pens are a fetish of mine too 😅 Every time I walk into a store it’s an internal battle of whether to buy a pack of pens I don’t need or leaving unsatisfied, lol!

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      1. Haha, so true! Nothing in my life is as constant as that intense want for pens whenever I walk into a store 😂

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