this blog doesn’t exist outside the blogosphere and here’s why:

As much as possible I keep this blog’s existence unknown to the people I know which includes (1) my family and (2) some of the closest friends because the very reason why I made this little space in the internet is to get away from their eyes.

I re-activated my Facebook just for them so that they know that I am still alive and breathing but I am not much active there (because my feed is full of sh*ts and toxic people & the negativity is sort of contagious, and I am keeping myself away from that bacause I have enough of those) and so in Instagram. I rarely post any photos of mine because (1) my iPhone’s broken, not that I can’t use the camera of it but (2) I lost interest on posting any photos of mine. I felt like I am telling the whole world that I am happy and smiling on the outside and have no problem at all but in reality it is the opposite.

I just wanted a space for me to write all my thoughts without being judge by those eyes. You know that feeling right? I am not hiding nor being safe here. I am the kind of person who’s not comfortable talking to a relative or even if you are my best friend. Coming from an experience where I am trying to be open to them and instead of expecting them to console me or understand me, they put me to blame and from then, I started keeping it to myself.

And luckily found this little space. Here I don’t feel alone, no one’s judging me and my words and most of all, I am learning from other’s experiences. I crave for those consolations and understandings before but thanks to this, I dont need it anymore.



22 thoughts on “this blog doesn’t exist outside the blogosphere and here’s why:

  1. You know what, pareho tayo..😁😂 my family, friends, they do not about this.. I joined wordpress because here I can express myself more, I can be myself more.. Ako kasi ung tao na hindi mashadong nagsheshare ng problema sa friends and family.. I alsways keep it to myself. At minsan ang bigat na. At nailalabas ko lang iyon in the form of writing. Here I can say whatever I want, without people judging me. Basta hahaha anlaki ng nagawa ng wordpress para sakin.. Haha

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    1. Same, same. 😀 Parang healing capsule ko to. I am okay with others reading my posts but when it comes to my family, parang WAIT, teka, private mode muna. At least we have a space to release all our unspoken thoughts na di natin masabi in person and that’s what’s important I think. :—)


  2. The same thing here! My family doesn’t know about my blogging and whenever my mom tries to see my phone when I’m typing a blog entry, I press the home button and tune in to twitter😂😂 And relate ako dito.😂😂😍


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