the sunday currently | 07

It’s Sunday again. Time flies so fast & I don’t quite remember what happened to me this whole week. So, I am not gonna sum it up here in this entry. Ergo, let me share with you guys this i-don’t-even-know-how-to-call-it situation. But one thing’s for sure, it happens to me all the time — EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I go to a kiddie party. 😂

So, I am here in Manila for Zion’s birthday party (my inaanak’s little brother). It was held at Jollibee in Macapagal, near the City of Dreams. So from Tondo, we travelled for 1 hour (just for a kid’s party) lol.

So moving on to the story;

I have this habit of asking for a picture with the mascots. Luckily, there are two: Jollibee & his friend, Hetty. So the kid inside me gleefully walked in front to have a picture with them. And there, it happened again. The mascot tried to block my way like he wants to play something with me, so I just played along thinking it is still a kid’s party anyway. Hahaha! So after we had the picture, I went back to my seat. So the party continued and after we ate, the party’s over with a photo booth.

We decided to go to the photobooth before we go (and to have our souvenir but bad news, we haven’t got a photo ha. ha. ha). So while waiting for our turn, the mascot (Hetty) came to me. Jollibee went to the restricted area (room) where he changed to his comfortable clothes but Hetty went to the other room where the photobooth was happening. I was surprise when Hetty approached me and making fool of herself (she swayed like she was dancing and making sign language that I don’t even understand. She leaned closer to me as if she was observing my face. Yeah, silly Hetty they got there)

So, people started staring at us while Hetty continued to act like a moron silly mascot in front of me. Lol

I had a same experience when I attended my cousin’s kiddie party, same but that time, it was Jollibee. Hahahaha.

But i must say this: JOLLIBEE MADE MY NIGHT. IT WAS THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS THAT I LAUGHED SO HARD. Funny how I think of his smile as weird. I don’t know. Sometimes I find it creepy but awhile back, he looked like a joker. And I laughed so hard whenever I see his smile. HAHAHAHAHA. Maybe his smile will haunt me in my dream tonight. Lol.

I’m sorry for the looooooong post, this should be a sunday currently but sorry not sorry, I just need to write this entry. Promise I’ll make this short. 😝 here you go!


Reading nothing because I am busy…

Writing my cousin’s homework. And it is freaking loooong as in right now I can’t feel my hands anymore. I am re-writing a chapter of a book in a white cartolina!!! Who the hell gave this kind of assignment for a 5th grader? 😠

Listening to nothing. Maybe the tv show that they are watching right now.

Thinking how a person can manage to dance and to give fun to everyone while wearing a heavy costume? I am sure it is so suffocating and hot!!!!! And how they can breathe with that????

Hoping to have a goooood night sleep tonight.

Wearing a navy blue tshirt and polka dots shorts.

Loving my handwriting. (So proud of it) I have been always the one who writes on the board or makes the minutes of the minute. I just love how my handwriting looks good on a paper. 😆

Wanting a good night sleep (YES THAT’S WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW)

Needing some sleep (Ok, I know. For the third time)

Feeling okay. :—)

Clicking nothing.

I am so tired I just want to sleep. So yes, I am writing this entry before I hit the sack because I don’t know If I have an access to the internet tomorrow for another update. So yeah, I am off to dreamland. Zzzz~

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