the sunday currently | 06

Yay for Sundays! :—)

The whole week, I must say, has been quite productive for me. Aside from some episodes of having this feeling of uneasiness before hitting the sack (maybe I am just too afraid to see things outside of my window again?). I slept alone last night because the boyfriend needed to go home because his nephews were all alone and needed company. So there I was, wide awake – light’s on, while I was busy staring at my glow-in-the-dark stars that I sticked up to my ceiling, letting my body sense some indescribable feeling of fear that my mind can’t let off; struggling to let my body and mind to drift off to dreamland.

I can say that I am okay. 😀

I have this habit of reading a book then stop at a middle of a chapter and read another book. Like there are times that my span of attention is easily caught off by another, that’s why. So as of now, aside from reading the Wuthering Heights, I’ve been eyeing two more books from my bookshelf – Ned Vizzini’s  It’s Kind Of Funny Story and Paul Murray’s Skippy Dies. I hope want to finish it by next month because I’ve been slacking off from reading and I want to give more of my time in reading.

Next week, we’ll be visiting Manila again for my inaanak’s birthday party and maybe have some catching up with my college friend. Hoping to see him again after so many years. We decided to have lunch instead of seeing each other in the afternoon because I haven’t much time because we’ll be just staying overnight of the 19th then 20th is the bday party. I just forced to jam some time for it. Though I want to have a loooooong catching up to do with him.

So, Sundays are for The Sunday currently entry, here you go!


Reading as mention above, I am currently (still) reading the Wuthering Heights, and also eyeing for two more books, Skippy Dies and It’s Kind Of Funny Story. :—)

Writing this entry!!!!

Listening to nothing aside from the tv commercials.

Thinking of dyeing my hair black. My hair’s growing too sloooooooow. I want my loooong hair back. (though I love my pixie hair)

Hoping that this week will be more productive than last week. Hehehehe. Kinda helps me not to worry about all the things that happening to me. 🙂

Wearing a gray shirt and pink shorts. 

Loving the fact that it rains almost every night which makes the night colder than before. This is my favorite time where I get to wear my cutesy pjs.

Wanting some caaash. 😀

Needing some caaaaaashh. 😀

Feeling blessed to be surrounded with positivity and awe-inspiring people.

Clicking nothing. 🙂

Hope y’all have a great Sunday!!!! x

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4 thoughts on “the sunday currently | 06

    1. Hahahaha! Ewan ko rin. Pero normal na yung may makikita kang two or three books na nakalabas sa bookshelf ko 😂 pero nga parang nasa slump ako ngayon, kaya one book at a time lang.

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