the sunday currently | 04

How I missed writing a Sunday currently entry. I’ve been too hard on myself this past month if you read my past entries but right now I think I am back on track.

These past few days, I felt nothing but extreme sadness but still I am trying to cope up with it, little by little. I must say that I am doing good so far, maybe? But that’s what matters, right? As long as I feel good and my thoughts are not bothering me, well that’s okay for me.

Also, I am already done with my meds, thank God. After having a lot of fluids, I am so done with UTI. Because of that, I am getting rid of anything salty now but chips and peanuts are my life. Huhuhu.


Reading some blogs. It was like invading their private space but I love how their thoughts affect me in so many ways. I hope I get a chance to meet them and tell them how they inspire me without them knowing it. And I am just thankful that their blogs exist. 

Writing this Sunday currently entry. I don’t get the idea of this part. It is just obvious that I am writing this entry this whole time. Hahaha.

Listening to the commentators of today’s Pacman’s fight. I am not really a fan of any kind of sports. I sucks at it, big time.

I remember when I was in high school. I had soft ball for my P.E. class and there was this game that I need to hit the ball and all I did was scream. Long story short, I got kicked from the game. 

Thinking not to dwell on things like me being useless and a pain in the ass, that I only make my life more miserable and they keep on pointing to my face that I should live my life like other young adults do and that makes me more depressed.

That feeling that I am doing my best to have the life that I always wanted but no one appreciates it. But rather, they are dragging me down up to the point that I can no longer stand up to my feet.

But really, I don’t want to think about those things. Hahaha.

Smelling the chicken hotdogs. It makes me more hungry. It’s 1:46 p.m. and I haven’t had my lunch.

Wishing that my old self will come back to life. 

Hoping that everything will be okay. That I will be okay. That everything will fall into its right place.

Wearing a white shirt and black shorts.

Loving how my dog, Bondat, is peacefully sleeping beside me like a baby. By the way, I think she is pregnant. I am so excited for the new puppies.

Wanting to eat something sweet like chocolates and oh, I want Mang Inasal’s halo-halo.

Needing someone to talk to.

Feeling okay, I think.

Clicking nothing.
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