Another blogging hiatus or not, that I do not know. All I know is that I am busy watching and downloading my Korean and Japanese drama because, I don’t want to say it this way but, I think I am  quite OBSESSED and ADDICTED to it. Well, hell yeah. 

Back in high school, I remember when one of my best friends began uttering her admiration to this K-Pop group Super Junior and SNSD and was like starting singing korean songs that I don’t even understand a word and even memorized the choreography of it. She was all hyped about it. Not only that, she also started studying the korean language. Little by little, I realized that our bond was not like how we used to before she knew the K-pop. We finished our 2nd year in high school together and after that, She and I had a different class until we graduated and our relationship as best friends, I don’t know the right word, became awkward, maybe? But right now, we still follow each other on Instagram. I just missed the good old times. 

And now, I think I call myself a Kpop fan and just found myself scrolling through google and browsing a good Korean dramas until I can’t get enough of it. :—-) The first few months before I got addicted to it was just an ordinary binge watching for me. But after episodes and episodes, I just want more and I can’t stop. Am I really addicted? Hahahahahaha! One of the reasons why I love K-dramas is that the story is unpredictable. Not your ordinary chic-flick type or cheesy romance, but the twist. OMG! And their acting skills!!!! I love their simplicity but full of emotions kind of acting. I know that I am too fast to make this review about their acting skills but I am just speaking for myself, my own opinion because I really really love how they show their characters. Ugh. Anyways, I just love K-Pop. Not to mention all my handsome oppas, Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook and of course my baby boy Lee Jong Suk ❤ 


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