the sunday currently | 02

So after a week of having no internet, I’m here at the boyfriend’s and taking all the chance to update the blog (and download all of my current K-drama line-ups. Hehe) It has been a tough week for me and to my family because my father was admitted to a medical ward for a blood transfusion. Thank God my father is getting better now.

OMG! 7 days before Christmas and I’m already feeling it. I still haven’t prepared gifts yet for my inaanaks. Maybe I shall give you my warmest hugs and kisses na lang? Hahaha!


Reading my current read: It’s Kind Of Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. I have been searching for something like a garage sale or book buffet so that I can haul up for my 2017 reads. But unfortunately, I haven’t seen one here in Pampanga. (Sad)

Writing this Sunday Currently volume (obviously) Hahahaha!

Listening to loud beats and mixes (of course, because of the boyfriend) Feels like I am at a rave party or something. Oh, I forgot, I went to After Pakuhan last Friday and I must say that I still can’t get enough of my bbgirl Patty Tiu!!!!!!!!!

Thinking if I should also download W-Two Worlds or continue with the One Piece?

Smelling myself hahaha! I smell like sugar and vanilla.

Wishing that my ninong and ninangs still give me aguinaldo.

Hoping that my 2017 will be a great year for me.

Wearing a rose-patterned halter sleeveless and shorts. I’m feeling cute right now. =))

Loving the room temperature where I hide myself right now. I’m so comfortable I don’t want to go out anymore.

Wanting to write more because I’m feeling productive and inspired right now.

Needing my caffeine to be fixed because it has been since I-don’t-remember when I had my last sip of my dark mocha. And I like my coffee now. HUHUHU.

Feeling cute right now. Mehehehe. ❤

Clicking download button.

Eventhough the start of my week was not that good, I am happy that my sunday is better than okay. I hope yours too! :–)

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